Summer Skincare Regimen

I’ve been using the same skincare products for a couple of years and my skin has improved a lot, but I could always do with more improvement. So I’ve decided to change it up and after some research and paging through magazines on latest skincare products, I went out and got me a few new products that suited my budget, because we all know skincare isn’t cheap.
In the mornings my routine is quick and effective, probably because I do a more intense session in the evenings. I cleanse my face using the Neutrogena visibly clear spot proofing daily facial wash, it smells like freshly squeezed oranges in a bottle. It claims to clear dark spots and defend your skin against new breakouts. Let me just say, it does just that. I was so surprised to see in the first two weeks that I haven’t experienced any new breakouts. I have gotten hormonal breakouts, but that was it. After cleansing I moisturise with my Cetaphil Moisturiser. I haven’t found any other product with the same added benefits like this one, so I’m stuck with it. For wide and awake eyes, I dab a bit of African Extracts Rooibos Eye Cream. It provides such an intense rich moisture to my under eye area.  I’ve also been loving the African Extracts Serum., it leaves my skin looking plumed and radiant looking. To finish off I add one pump of the Avene 30 SPF to protect my skin against the harsh sun beams.
After a long summers day, the best part would have to be taking off your makeup. I do so with Garnier Micellar Water. Cleanse and I go in with my Neutrogena visibly clear spot stress control daily scrub. This creamy scrub brings back so much moisture to my skin and the micro-beads are gentle on the skin, removing any dead skin cells, dirt and oil. The green tea extract and cucumber ingredients leave my skin with a cooling sensation after I rinse off. After my moisturising steps, I lock in all that goodness with the Crème Classique Blemish Lotion. It heals scars and fights against any hormonal pigmentation.
What’s your favourite skincare product this season? Xx

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