How I Stay Motivated To Workout

Finding motivation and sticking to it is was gets you to the gym week after week. Here are 5 ways I stay motivated to workout, even on days I really couldn’t be bothered. Maybe these tips could help you out in some way.
Creating a bomb playlist to listen to
There’s nothing worse than going through a workout in silence or bad music. Every week I create a new playlist with fresh new music to listen to, so I don’t need to listen to the same music on rotation week after week.
I ask myself “Do I really want to start all over?”
Sometimes I find myself struggling to get out of bed to  go and workout, pondering whether if it would be such a bad ideal if I skipped just this one day. But then I start to think that one day turns into two days, later three days and well you get the drill. And I know for sure I don’t want to start all over with my workout regimen.
Wearing my workout clothes throughout the day
This might sound  weird, but whenever I have a busy and doesn’t require me dressing up, I wear my workout clothes as a reminder to workout at the end of the day. It really does work.
Varying my workouts
My workouts consists of body weight and HIIT training, but now I’ve incorporated  running and low intensity cardio into my regimen for a challenge and to change up my routine from time to time. It makes me look forward to trying out something new.
Keeping a positive mind set
The most vital motivating factor that keeps me going is knowing how fortunate I am to be able to workout, move my body whenever and however I want to. Taking care of my body is actually important to me.

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